Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writing to Wednesday: Birthday

So it was my birthday recently and it wasn't anything different. Besides the fact that it was also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and that my pregnant fish gave birth around the same time I was born it was quite mundane. I wouldn't say that growing is mundane though because if you really notice how we change over a few weeks to years it's quite drastic how the world changes us.

You may be asking what I got for my birthday and well I got a new ipod touch charger because the old one was breaking. If you guys didn't know I check on the blog every morning before I go to school on that thing and try to answer all of your questions or just feedback. I also got a book. What book? Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I recently saw a review on it on Youtube (bookswithcourt) and it was really drew me in. The only thing I didn't like about getting the book was that Barnes and Nobel needs to stop reorganizing their shelves so often. It gets on my nerves at time when the young adult section is on one side, but all the new young adult novels that recently came out is on the other. It took me forever to find it and I personally don't really like their kiosk for finding books. The keyboard didn't work!

Now I really hate when people complain, so let me digress. It was a well rested birthday and I feel older in a younger way. Yeah, that doesn't make sense at all. I just mean that I feel like I learn a bunch of stuff, but feel like I'm still that five year old who had to stop at a library only to use the restroom.

Is there something that counts in your birthday that you can shut some people out of your day. I did it and it made me so much better. I hope you try that sometimes.

I started my exams this week and I'm very relaxed and feel a bit polished at the things I'm going to be assessed for. Hope me good luck anyways. Remember to leave a comment about how you're weekend was and please follow the blog. :)


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