Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review: Envy by Gregg Olsen

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I'm not a fan of this book. There it is. I don't think there is anything else much to say, but wait. I have so much to say why.

Well, first off the pages in the book are too white if that makes sense. Probably not, but it feels like I'm reading an ebook with the brightness all the way up and my ebook reader is broken. :( The font plays a great role in why I don't like this book and also because the story was eh.

The plot seemed like been their done that, and it's true because the story is based off of an actual news report. You'll understand if you read the summary, or just looked at the book title. That explains the novel quite immensely. It's the basic small town, big story novel, and the teens are teens. They don't have anything spectacularly scandalous or "special" about them. They are just normal, and I don't read books for normality. I read books to experience things that are not "normal".

I have to say Gregg Olsen is an adult fiction author, and this is his debut novel for young adult. I hope he writes better adult fiction, sadly I have to say. His writing is average, nothing stood out for me, but he used is technology resources when he really wanted this book to be very teenage related; with texting all cool fonts and bold.

Characters I have to say remind me of the ones in Suburgatory if you have ever watched that show on ABC, it's quite hilarious, but this isn't really. More mystery if you didn't notice. The characters were just you average strange person from down the street, and the crazily rich family in town.

I have to give Envy by Gregg Olsen an unreadable rating. I don't think there is any score I could possibly give this book. I only bought it because it was top rated and recommended on the Barnes and Noble website. Oh, have I thought wrong. Please leave your comments on the book below and any request. :)

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