Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 3 of Study Challenge

Add an extra half hour to your study time today

I reviewed a bit for my test on The Catcher in the Rye for english, and I feel a bit more confident for the test. I might write a review for the book later, but as of now I'll just say that I think that book is interesting.

Day 2 Study Challenge

Clean up and organize your study area.

I try to keep my room as clean as I can possibly get it every week, so this wasn't a terribly difficult task. 

Day 1 of Study Challenge

The first challenge of the month is: Find something that inspires you to hit the books.
This goes hand in hand of why I'm doing this challenge anyways. It's all the study blogs I've found recently on tumblr and I want to show them to you :) They help me immensely when I get off task and then I go on to tumblr and oh there's someone working hard at the library for 6 hours, oh! there's someone making flashcards, oh! their notes are so color coordinated I want to do that too!!It's all of these motivations that make me want to try and do good on tests and in school.

30 Day Study Challenge

Heyyo!! So being a high school student has its trial and tribulations. It's not all fun and parties like the movies make it out to be (and if it is, well I'm not that kind of person to be turning it up on a Monday). I recently found this post on tumblr that I thought was interesting because it revolves around studying. It is a 30 day challenge where you have to post something every day for a month of something about studying.

Recently, I have gotten into the studyblr side of tumblr and am following probably more than 50 blogs all of people taking photos of their study sessions and it really is motivating. I would love to start this challenge on the first of November, but because I did not see it until now, I will have to play a bit of catch up. :) I hope one of you come along with me and do the challenge too, and help each other out if we end up slacking ;p