Monday, November 3, 2014

30 Day Study Challenge

Heyyo!! So being a high school student has its trial and tribulations. It's not all fun and parties like the movies make it out to be (and if it is, well I'm not that kind of person to be turning it up on a Monday). I recently found this post on tumblr that I thought was interesting because it revolves around studying. It is a 30 day challenge where you have to post something every day for a month of something about studying.

Recently, I have gotten into the studyblr side of tumblr and am following probably more than 50 blogs all of people taking photos of their study sessions and it really is motivating. I would love to start this challenge on the first of November, but because I did not see it until now, I will have to play a bit of catch up. :) I hope one of you come along with me and do the challenge too, and help each other out if we end up slacking ;p

Here are the challenges:
Day 01: Find something that inspires you to hit the books.
Day 02: Clean up and organize your study area.
Day 03: Add an extra half hour to your study time today.
Day 04: Make 10 flashcards for a subject of your choice.
Day 05: Write a page of notes that has at least one diagram or flowchart.
Day 06: Make yourself a nice cuppa of whatever.
Day 07: Prove the Pythagorean Theorem (a^2+b^2=c^2) in three minutes.
Day 08: Think of favorite celeb/OTP while studying and see how it goes.
Day 09: How long can you concentrate in one studying session?
Day 10: Eat with your non-dominant hand while writing/studying. No spills!
Day 11: Spend one full hour on your most-hated subject.
Day 12: Ask a question that you’ve previously thought was too stupid.
Day 13: Teach someone a concept you are learning right now.
Day 14: Preview tomorrow’s lessons or things you plan to learn.
Day 15: Compare the effects of rap and classical music while studying.
Day 16: What is your best subject and why are you good at it?
Day 17: Share your favorite inspirational quote.
Day 18: Try out the Cornell note-taking system if you haven’t already.
Day 19: Carefully record how you use your time and make a time log.
Day 20: Open up Tumblr or something else. Study in front of the screen. Do not touch or do anything. See if you can focus on your work.
Day 21: Watch an OCW video and take notes.
Day 22: Show us your favorite stationery for studying.
Day 23: Try speed-reading a news article and summarize it.
Day 24: Organize your notes.
Day 25: Plan your work beforehand and finish it before the day ends.
Day 26: Don’t bring questions home… solve all questions before leaving school.
Day 27: Put on a queue and stay off all social networking sites for 12 waking hours.
Day 28: Healthy eating: no junk food today.
Day 29: Set a large goal and reward yourself if you finish it.
Day 30: Celebrate and see how far you’ve gone ;)

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