Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Don't Quote Me (#31)

My new Don't Quote Me series is going to be one main one, and I'm going to add a story or more information why I add the quotes I choose to share with you guys.

This week I chose:

I've heard this quote a few years ago from someone else I can't remember. It maybe in a book I was reading tbh I can't remember. Though what really stuck with me was that people really admire those who treat others like they're amazing. They build them up, even though the person building them up has hundred of more accomplishments or more successful than they are. It's when you make other people feel smart, even though they always tell you you are always smart and compare themselves to you. I have gotten that a lot in school, and it really annoys me. I hate it when people say, "Well if you can't do it, I definitely can't." I didn't realize I had more power than any of my peers. When did this power happen? Have I been blessed by the gods? Have I been carrying this paranormal ability that only other people see? It's all really strange when people under mind themselves, because something I can't do. I want them to succeed. I don't want anyone to think that there are only these few top students in the class that can achieve the unbelievable because it's just stupid. If you work your but off you can do anything. I have seen it with my own eyes. It takes a hell of a lot of discipline, but the end product is worth it. So I guess this week, I want to share with you that I'm working to make people feel like they can do anything, in this sense. Make the people I'm around on a daily basis understand that they are worth it, and that they can do what they want to achieve. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Favorite Song of the Week

Passion Pit's Constant Conversation

This song makes me want to chill out on a Sunday and dance like a fool. It's the song you want to hear as the city lights pass all around you. The beat sets the mood of a chill night,with out any worries.

The beginning of this song makes me time travel back to the jazzy 20s and be a flapper girl. It has the perfect amount of background vocals with out overwhelming the actual instruments. My favorite line is probably:
Well you're wrapped up in a blanket and you're staring at the floor
The conversation's moderated by the noisy streets below
I'm currently listening to the entire album, Gossamer, but so far Constant Conversation is my favorite. So you better check it out. I know you probably heard of Passion Pit on the radio with their song Take A Walk, and if you loved it as much as I did, I think this would be a nice introduction to the rest of their album.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hello Again!!

Hello there! I really shouldn't say that I should do anything now. I've let down so many promises in the past two years, it's getting really ridiculous. So I apologize for that, and now on this blog will be whatever and whenever I want! Sounds alright? eh probably not, but it is for me.

So let me get you up to speed on what has been happening since 2015 started. Let's see...I went back to school from winter break. I did not make any new years resolutions this year, but I am starting to feel like I should have, because I have been extremely less productive than I have ever been. It's getting to the point where I literally lay in bed and go on the internet all day, and not even make anything, like this for example.

I have started making music again. So that's good. Just last week I restrung my electric guitar for the first time in forever. It was a very interesting experience. Most of it was me finding out that Guitar Center doesn't open on Sundays!! I mean, c'mon, am I right? It's the Guitar Center, not Chick Fil A. I might put some of my music on here, and keep in touch that way.

Reading wise, I've started reading some really good fanfictions that I may make another post on later. (Knowing me, probably not), but we'll see where this year takes us shall we. In school, we've been reading Night by Elie Wiesel. It's really intense, like it should be. I have more thoughts on it, but I want to finish it before I write anything.

If you have any suggestions on what things I should write about, tell me below. I'll get around to them eventually. Maybe I should do a week roundup thing, because I don't journal in my everyday life, so this might be a good way.