Disclaimer and Rating System

I think it was about time that I have a disclaimer, so here it is. This blog is my own thoughts and my own thoughts only, unless stated differently. The books and stories I read are all in the hands of the author and/or publisher I do not own any of them(well the physical copies that I buy, but copy writes, no). Though my own writing that I do on most Wednesdays are my own free writing that I try to get myself into the habit of. Those are all my imagination and copy rights are by me. All other mentions of books or stories or people or organizations/companies are use of pop culture references.

Rating System:
5 out of 5 stars=head nods, thumbs up, and smiling like there's no tomorrow
4 our of 5 stars=head nods, thumbs up
3 out of 5 stars= head moves back and forth, thumb moving towards the middle or down
2 out of 5 stars=head shakes, thumb down, shoulders shrug
1 out of 5 stars=head shakes vigorously, thumb pointing down, mad face for the waste of my time, and disappointed eyes
0 out of 5 stars= I'm not that harsh! That's just sadistic and NO book deserves a 0.

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  1. How do I submit a book for review?

    -Jonathan Marcantoni
    Author of Traveler's Rest