Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jessica's Guide To Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey Review

Jessica's Guide To Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

  • Reading level: Ages 14 and up
  • Hardcover: 368 pages
  • Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books; 1 edition (February 1, 2009)
  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches


Jessica is your average high school student, intending her senior year in high school to be the best time of her life. A mysterious guy shows up on her first day of school calling her by her birth name, Anastasia. Jessica soon finds out that he is a vampire and also her fiance. The rationality dissipates in Jessica, after a difficult time accepting that she is also a princess. Being the one to save lives in return for a horrible life, is the decision she has to make, whether she likes it or not.

I have to applaud Beth Fantaskey's writing. Her distinct style from writing in Jessica's point of view and then Lucius writing to his uncle creates an in depth perception of the two main characters, that I just love. Like most young adult novels out these days its a paranormal romance. Since the explosion of Twilight, dark vampires have been popping up every which way. Jessica's Guide does follow basic plot line of most of a mysterious guy has a huge secret and the protagonist isn't as she seems. Unlike most female protagonist, Jessica resist the guy besides falling head over heels with some monster she shouldn't. 

While reading the book, I caught myself invested in the characters and wanting to read it all night. The direction of the book had really caught me off guard and I wanted to know more and more. Absolutely sucked into this book ironically, I felt completely sad when I read the last page to find that nothing was next. 

Jessica's Guide is a quick read with funny moments here and there, but dangerously dramatic impacting scenes. Not intending the fondness I have of this book I will read the second in the series. 

Until Tuesday, or maybe sooner. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater Review

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Press; 1 edition (July 13, 2010)
Second book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series
This review will contain spoilers for anyone that has not read the first book Shiver.
Linger begins where Shiver leaves off. Sam is still human after having blood go through his wolf form from patients with meningitis. Grace and Sam still have a strong bond together if not even stronger. Cole, a new bad boy wolf that Beck created is immediately seen as Isabel's love interest. He comes from a stranger background than Sam, that causes an unease when reading his point of view. Sam becomes very worrying when he loses Beck and when he is not able to see Grace. With Beck's new wolves and Grace's past sneeking back up to her, Linger draws an even more vived experience with the wolves of Mercy Falls.

Maggie Steivfvater has craeated another amazing book to follow up her bestseller Shiver. Her writing is still impeccable and her flow of wrtiting point of views from different characters blows my mind at times. Personally I don't connect with Grace much , but her headstrong and brave character brings what you want to be through Grace's adventure.

Cole and Isabel have a weird love/hate realtionship - which I don't really mind - but Cole's hard to like until you find out more about him. Isabel's shallowness blows away a bit, but is still there when Cole is intruduced  and I can kind of see how the two are good for each other. The two of them together sets a double love story, while drama rises with Grace.

All in all, I would read Linger again, and I would recommened it to any hopeless romantics out there. While I prefere Shiver and believe it should have been a stand alone book Linger does answer some of the questions I had while reading Shiver that did not get answered.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Short Story… or maybe more

    I created this short little snippet of a story a few months ago and I always loved it for some reason. I have hoarded this for too long and I feel like someone should read it. If anyone does read this please leave a comment and if I should continue.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hello, there world. I'm not the best writer out there and nor are you, just face it. So I'm going to do something about it. No I'm not going to kill myself because I have no self esteem. I'm starting this blog to write reviews on books I read. You ask, why should I read your blog if you're a bad writer? Well, because I'm a bad writer you won't have to look up words you don't know. Also because my thoughts matter and so does yours.

I read very often if not everyday and from other blogs I have read review don't seem so bad. Now I notice you are going to ask what do I like to read to compare thoughts and interest, so I read mostly young adult fiction. That means I read contemporary, historical fiction, supernatural, and any other genre in the young adult section.

With me reading everyday and books are my passion I will mostly likely update every week.
I also have short stories if you would like to read them, but don't worry they're horrible, and the world doesn't have to read them. My writing would not be posted every week like the reviews for obvious reasons.
My mind has some-what agreed to post a review every Tuesday and that might change, so don't take my word for it. The reviews will not have any spoilers in them and will contain a brief summary for those who have not heard of the book. A picture of the book will also be provided and information on physical features, too.

Now, my introduction has not been very fulfilling I might say, but this is not the last you will see of me.

Until Tuesday.