Friday, June 8, 2012

Playlist: Common Criminals by Ally Carter

I had an amazing time creating this playlist. Some songs old and may be popular, but I think these songs fit it perfectly!! :D Tell me what you think and any song I should add.

Here is the link to the playlist!!!

Ho Hey by Lumineers 
Because it's good for montages :D

Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift
For Hale in Kat's POV

Locked Up by Ingrid Michaelson
For Kat's decisions

One of the Boys by Katy Perry
For Kat

Stand too Close by Motion City Soundtrack
Don't stand too close to the jewel 

Stranger by Katie Costello
Stranger(Nick) You know me too well

The Party by Regina Spektor
For the mission

Hotel Song by Regina Spektor
"But I wake up in fear"

Shadow Man by Lucy Schwartz
Someone is always behind the scenes

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