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Review: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh

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Ah, this was the book that made me unable to post every week day in June. This is the book that kept me up later than midnight reading and imagining. This is the story that's breaking my heart because I'm unable to know what happens next. This is the novel that made me understand Edgar Allan Poe. This is the novel that made me believe that anything Kelly Creagh writes is magical. This is the novel that made me think "Why can't I write something this complex and extravagant?" This is a review that might take decades for me to perfect it.

This review may contain SPOILERS!!

Kelly Creagh is now on my top favorite author list because of this book. I don't know how long she spent writing this novel, but all the detail and connections that she made through the book astounded me to no end.   I had the rush of feeling unsure constantly and my heart was pumping fast, close to the speed when I first read Divergent. Kelly Creagh wrote just enough romance, just enough mystery, just enough paranormalcy, just enough everything, but the fact that she had to end it and continue the story to the second installment.

Characters I loved: almost all. I loved Reynold, Danny, Gwen, even Brad believe it or not, and absolutely fell in love with Varen. Isobel, the female protagonist in the novel, though confused me, cause laughter in my heart, and scared everything out of me is not my favorite because I'm afraid to say which one is. Reynold is close to being my favorite character because the way he holds him and the way he plans everything out just... leaves me speechless at times. I loved how I followed along with Isobel and didn't feel like I knew what was happening because I felt what she felt. It was a magical experience.

Then there are the side characters I guess you can say, Gwen being the comedic relief in my mind should be given a bigger applause for her role. Then there's Pinfeather who is not the main antagonist but can be the most scary and wonderfully charming "evil" character I've ever read. As the cheerleaders may annoy me at the beginning I decided that they will hopefully play a bigger part in the future and I really hope that Isobel will somehow use her cheer leading flips and such to help progress herself in the other world in future sequels. I even found the owner of the Nobit Nook an interesting character that I cross my fingers will have some back story told in the sequel.

Something very stereotypical caught me off guard on how much Kelly Creagh was going to dial up the goth and cheerleader stereotype. I was glad that Isobel discovered the social status and broke away from it in the novel and slowly showing her strength building up from not much to this heroic superhero.The goths and the "popular" were a very strange concept that Isobel and Varen would get together in my point of view. To me they just come from totally different backgrounds and interests that I don't fully understand their relationship to each other. I was hoping for a meaning for this nearing the end.

Even though I have more thoughts on this novel I want to keep it as short and only needed info as possible. I give Kelly Creagh's Edgar Allan Poe inspired young adult novel, Nevermore a head nod, thumbs up, and smiling like there's no tomorrow. (5 out of 5)

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  1. Wow this sounds super interesting! I would love to read this and it's definitely on my "to-reads" now! Great review :)