Monday, June 11, 2012

How to: Create Photo Frame for Book Reviews

I started this new image creating thing when I review books, and I'd like to share it with you. I don't use a professional camera believe it or not. (actually that's believable). I use my ipod touch camera and use several apps to perfect the photo.

First thing I do is I take the picture. Plain and simple right? Well, you have to get it in the right lighting and and take several photos to decide which one is the best. I usually take at least five pics for each pose I want the book to have, but lately I've gotten the hang of it and only need two to three. Lighting can be quite difficult during the rainny season or if you live in a place that rains almost 365 days a year. ;(

Next thing I do is pick the photo from the ones you have already shot. I decide on them by how crisp you can read the title and the lighting of course. I don't like to look at a book cover if it wasn't in it's best state. Just saying, :D. Then I have several apps that help me combine the three pictures you see in my reviews and how I crop and all that stuff.

From left to right: built in apple ipod touch camera app
, wallpaperHD, PS(photoshop) Express,
Intagram, Pic Stitch, Pinterest, Snapspeed
So, I have this folder on my ipod where I put all the apps I need for photos and anything that involves photography.

First off, after I pick my three photos I automatically use the built in photos app and use the auto-enhance tool because it's always good to have a starting basis that isn't that bad. This usually just makes it brighter and easier to read or look at.

Then I use the PS Express, it's not as great as the real photoshop that I use at school, but you know, you use what you've got. I many use this app for their exposure tool, saturation, and contrast. Sometimes  I may also crop my photos with this, but not often.

Next, comes the big guy. I use pic stitch as I think my main all around editor, cropper, and finisher. The main point to the app is actually combine photos together in a frame like manner. Though, I do use that for the frames I love the options they have for editing photos. I use many of their tools, such as: enhance (preferably auto or balance), orientation (if need), crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness. I also think that their draw tool can be useful, but I don't use it for my blog.

That is the majority of what I use to make the photo frames for my book reviews. All of the apps I use are free and I'm pretty sure they can be used with out internet. So, when I'm anywhere and waiting in line I'd take my ipod out and edit my photos that I had taken of for that week. I personally love to do these photos and I find myself editing a two or three photos in thirty minutes. Gah!

 Something that I'd like to share is the WallpapersHD app I found. It updates it's photos everyday and there photos are top notch. I usually don't have to edit them, but sometimes if I'm bored I will and make them mine. Many of my Writing to Wednesday posts are using those photos I've found on there. I love looking through their large selection and it is also something else I enjoy immensely. 

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