Friday, June 15, 2012

Music Friday: Spotify

I usually post a playlist I made for a previous book I've reviewed, but this week I'd also like to talk to you guys about this awesome, amazing thing called Spotify. I don't know if you've heard of it before, but it is a one hundred percent legal way of listening to music, but with out having to pay. I know that sounds a lot like Pandora, but for me Pandora doesn't have enough variety in their artist stations for some. While Spotify has the majority of the music you (I) listen to.

This is where I get my insperation from when I do those playlist. There are always new music coming out and new bands I'm discovering, so I like to listen to all their songs in probably one day or two and then turn into a fan girl. ;D!!!

I didn't just want to say that. I also wanted to share with you all of my stared songs on Spotify. It is quite a long list so bare with me. I would just love for you to check these songs out if you haven't already from my playlist. Some of these songs are in my playlist. Any recommendations please leave below and leave your current favorite playlist.

You're going to need to get Spotify for this

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