Monday, June 25, 2012

Metric Synthetica

I know this is an extremely late post, but I wanted to post something up today. This post does not count as part of the posting every week day in June. ;(

Since I didn't get to write a post last night or the night before I wanted to explain why and a part of it that influenced my decisions. Over the weekend I was reading Nevermore by Kelly Creagh (will have a review up tomorrow) I got sucked in and I expect this a lot when I start a new book over the weekend. So, I've decided that there is no guarantee that I will post on a Monday, but maybe posts like this will happen.

This post is about music I play while I read. That might sound off and strange, but I do. I always listen to music. That's how I find new songs for the Friday playlists and that's how I go on living because I'm one of those people who would die if they didn't hear a tune a day. While I was reading Nevermore I was listening to Metric's new album Synthetica. That has to be one of my favorite albums at the moment, probably because the songs are drilled into my mind because I've been having it on repeat the last two days.

My favorite song on the album has to be Lost Kitten because it's just so different, but the same band. That's the thing I love about it. I also love that Lost Kitten is number 6 on the album track list. For some reason my favorite songs on albums are most of the time track 6. Don't get me wrong there are times that they aren't but I've started to notice that is the pattern.

I think that I also love this album because it set the mood of Nevermore for me. It's a fast paced feeling that I love when I read mysteries. Also some of the songs on Synthetica had me stop reading and listen to the lyrics and acctually having songs that compared to the scenes or chapters I was reading at the moment. That's why I prefer listening to music while I'm listening to music. If you haven't yet try it out. Also tell me if this every happens to you? Thanks for reading! :)

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