Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Writing to Wednesday: Comparing Yourself

I have wanted to do a writing to wednesday on this topic for a while now. I think this is a really big thing we as humans do almost unconsciously. I honestly don't know how to go about to right this, but let's see how it goes.

Comparing yourself can be a good and bad thing I suppose. We compare ourselves with celebrities and their magically perfect bodies and beauty. Did I ever say that appearances don't matter. Fact. Well, sometimes in Hollywood there is always the ones that only pick the people that look amazingly perfect.

Then there's comparing yourself to make you feel awful. I've been trying to reverse this somehow lately because I don't want to feel awful about myself. I realized that there are always more "beautiful" people than you and even Jessica Lopez is not the more beautiful women in the world.

Beauty to me means that you are beautiful on the inside. That's whatever body says, and it's totally true. If you didn't know it the most best looking people on Earth are sell outs that have no value to their life. It's sad really, and you can argue with me, but this is what I believe. Beauty is the feeling you get when you've done something magical for someone else. It's the feeling you get when your significant other looks at you lovingly. It's the way you are when you are by yourself or with someone that you completely trust and are your self with. That's beauty.

What's not beauty? Well, it's the clothes and shoes that you buy millions of daily for your own enjoyment. It's how much make up you put on in the morning that disguises you from the world. How much make up that makes the people you're close with stand in shock when you don't wear make up. It's the world saying she/he is the most beautiful/handsome person on Earth. It's the people that don't have to tell the whole world that believes you are the most beautiful because they don't want to share you selfishly enough.

It's really sad how society has built this image that every time we go out or even in our own homes we are pounded by images of perfect people, when we all know it is impossible to be perfect. We all make mistakes. I think we all can say that we have made mistakes big and small in our life.

I counter this act of feeling self pity by thinking about how many people I know and that love/like me for who I am. They don't care if I dress like a model or not. They don't care if I cover up my acne scars or where a whole face full of pore blocking stuff to completely change who I was born as. Now, there are some people that I do know that will just take people down because they are bored. Well, let's say they can believe whatever they want, but in all truthfulness if you try to make everybody happy you are just going to make yourself hurt even more.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't compare yourself to others that make you want to change what you look like from birth. It's wonderful that you are different and this may be more when you're in school, but don't wear the most fashionable stylish thing now because I will one hundred percent stand by what I say that fashion is going to change and you are going to regret that feather in your hair three years from now. I hope this wasn't too confusing and please leave a comment or something you would like me to write on writing to Wednesday! :)

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