Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Writing to Wednesday: Ignorance

I think that we should have a talk about Ignorance. This is probably not what you want to read about in the middle of your week, but I needed to make a Writing to Wednesday on Ignorance. 

This past month, I've realized maybe that it's spring fever, but people are getting irritable to hang around with. Some people are just like that everyday, and I personally never hang around them. Though, there are some people that are amazing friends that you could one hundred percent trust, and then the next you feel like forgetting about them because they have just ruined your whole day. 

Google defines ignorance as: Lack of knowledge or information: "he acted in ignorance of basic procedures". This can be counted for everyone in the world because we all know that everyone doesn't know everything. This is religion aside btw. 

People can be very mean when they are ignorant. For example, the other day someone I knew would not let me help them because I was wrong the first time. Now, I did say that it was my fault and I am sorry, but when that person asked specifically for anyone but me, it hurts. You don't want to be around that person, and now that person is on my stay away list. 

Sometimes, I don't understand why people judge on their first impression, but I know sometimes I can and that isn't right because they could be having a bad day. Although, this person I was talking about has been on my stay away list for a while because everyone has told me about who this person is. It slips from my mind when you've never had a one on one stance with them. It can be very intimidating trying to help someone when all they want is to be as far away from you as possible because I didn't know who to help this person the first time they asked. 

I'd just like to say that, when you hear many people talk bad about someone be careful. It might be true and there are some circumstances that it could be wrong. I just want anyone to read this to be careful with who they decide to hangout with and the groups they want to be in because you never know. 

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