Friday, November 30, 2012

Short Story Friday(#2)

Last week's short story was partially true with some extra stuff throw in there, and so will this week's short story Friday. I was looking back lately on what to write this week, and I discovered that I have had many boy issues with boys I have never dated. What is up with that? Probably 97% of guys I have met caused some sort of drama or difficulty in a relationship where I have just met them.

There's no hiding that I am a student. I still go to public school, and going to public school means a couple of things. It means 1) that you are always told that anything in the school could be cut funding in a pin drop, 2) having marvelous teachers, and grass watching teachers, 3) there are the 'popular' and then the not so popular-I'm in between the populars and not so populars. Then lastly, 4) there is the ever present dating game with girls and guys and how guys will be utterly rude and insensitive.

I feel like I should just state a claim out there that there are some pretty amazing guys-whether they are guy friends or boyfriends. This is just me ranting about a guy that I have gotten over a month or so ago, and I thought that our relationship-if you can even say that-was an interesting episode.

First day of school, go to my first class and I have to sit next to the most annoying and 'stupid' guy in the class. Because I am kind of a kiss up to teachers, I've experienced this. It is not like I enjoy it, but it's just something you have to deal with.

Here are some things I've heard about this guy in the past few years: he's incredible at basketball and hand to hand combat, he is annoying from all the things my girl friends have told me, and he talks about the most discriminate things.

Hold your horses for a moment. This is public school, where almost everyone says things like 'you are so gay' 'blacks can't swim, they are stupid, etc' 'Asians are smart and all of them have mean and strict parents at home that whip them' 'whites are the norm'... The list goes on and on and truthfully I hate myself for even typing those words. I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

Moving on, I already had my perception of this guy. Let's call this guy, Eric. He is what I described to you above, from the first five minutes I sat next to him. People like him, I stay away from because I know I'll just get red in the face and he'd end up getting away with everything.

This one moment really stood out for me: we had a test this day, and I had already peaked interest that he was copying off of me for little quizzes/exit cards. Little things like that and homework don't really get to me much because I have to say I do that sometimes too. I don't do it weekly, but I would be lying if I never copied off of someone's homework. So this day was the first big test in the class. I think it was about sixty points for the entire assessment.

With the knowledge that I knew this guy was copying off of me, I decided to trick him. I've never tried to trick a copier before, so this was a first, and it came out more successful than I would have imagined. What I did was, do all of the problems in out of sequence. The thing that really shocked me was when I skipped almost more than half of the first page and gone to the next, he just waited there staring into space. I laughed internally. He probably thought I was just checking the whole packet out, but boy was he wrong. I could feel the resentment pouring out of him. That was extremely rewarding.

Then there came the day where we got it back. I was very surprised that I had gotten a perfect score. While, wait for it... He got a C! Oh the look in his face, it was priceless.

Of course those kinds of people always try to make themselves bigger so here are the next events: He insults me on my bad handwriting-which I am aware of and proud of-but that he blames my bad handwriting on him getting a C is ridiculous.

I'm not the kind of person that would waste my time on someone that doesn't deserve it. I'm quite aware of where I stand for myself, and to others. So I didn't even want to go into the conversation-more like argument. I would usually vent thing like that out later with friends, and move on with my life.

Guess what he did next. No, really, guess. You would never get this:he asked me if I could help him in the class-a tutor.

My thoughts exactly as the words left his mouth: Woah! Back track right there, cowboy. You just copied off my paper and then you insulted me!!! How dare you ask me to help you! What kind of idiotic,[many cuss words later]... You can't possibly be this stupid. I mean come on now!! Gah!! I hate cheaters.

About a week later I decided to just stop talking to him. From the day of the test he had relentlessly trying to get my attention and make me explode. There were some racists comments, that many of his friends laughed to, but of course I could not. There were times where he just could not accept my differences and this is sounding really strange now... I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are some people out there that can't seem to comprehend or play with the idea that there are people out there that have different beliefs and practices. It really makes me sad, but c'est la vie.

I did ignore him and I haven't talked to him in a month. I don't care about him, if that is what you are thinking because of last week's post. This person has no place in my heart and I intend to keep it that way. There maybe some people that said he liked me. I have heard that guys usually make fun of girls they like. I can't wrap my head around someone that goes as far as he does. It's not a teasing remark, but a deliberately trying to make me angry for laughs. I don't stand for that sort of thing.

I guess I can put this story out there for commentaries. Thanks for reading if you read all of this post. It was quite long and I'll try to write something more happy and less venting next week. Have a great weekend!

Love and Hugs

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