Friday, November 9, 2012

Analytic or Fiction Writing

Writing, Writing, Writing... #Copywriting
I love writing, and there is no hiding that. I'm very fond of reading fiction writing more than analytic writing pieces, mostly because I'm still young, and don't want to see things through analytical eyes. Though, I'm a lot better writer when I write analytic or nonfiction pieces. 

I can sit down and write probably ten writing prompts or ideas in one sit down, like I do with this blog, sometimes. I can't do that all the time with fiction. I have to have room to leave my story, and come back to it. It sounds strange to me that I can write better about things that are real, than things that aren't real. It's harder for me to write things I come up with, that  aren't real. Is that the same with you?

You always hear people telling you to write what you know. Well, I know real life, more than my imagination. Does that mean I want to write a nonfiction piece? Sometimes, I do, honestly. Though, a lot of times, I want to write about people, and stories that are make believe. I guess when I get a ton a hate or critiques on my fiction writing, I feel more adamant to write more of it, than what I'm good at.

All I'm saying is that I love writing what I'm not good at. How about you? 

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