Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things To Be Grateful About Tag!

It's Thanksgiving (here in the US), and it's around that time of the year where you feel thankful, and you giveaway things. I made a list of 10 things I'm grateful for:

1. Having a blog with so many nice people that comment on it. :)

2. The amazing authors that let me read their books.

3. The internet, though I'm still hoping for free internet everywhere in the world. That would be

something I would be very grateful of.

4. Freedom to watch a lot of period dramas from the BBC online.

5. Pinterest: it's the best mind clearing website ever. It makes me feel fluffy and warm inside.

6. Living vicariously through other peoples lives, because of vlogging. (I'm not a stalker, I just
like to know about other places, and what the culture there).

7. An infinite amount of stories I have yet to read.

8. The feeling you get when you walk out your front door, and smile because you know it's going
to be an amazing day.

9. Wearing socks day in and day out.

10. Sprinkles: the ATM Cupcake shop

Those are my 10 things I'm grateful of and I would love it if you'd like to do this tag, too! It would be amazing. Anyone can do this tag, you can even leave a comment on your 10 ten. All I ask is that if you do a blog post, you say that it started from me! :) Thank you so much for everything you guys do.

Love and Hugs

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  1. This is great. I love Pinterest, too! A few weeks ago I posted 20 things to be happy about...

    Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!