Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie + the series Review

Over the weekend, I saw the newest and last Twilight movie in the saga. Now to set this review in perspective, I am a Twilight fan. I think that in a world where Twilight is a phenomenon you expect only the fans to watch the movie, and everyone else to not. I see where you're thinking, and I am a bit biased, but here are my thoughts anyways.

The acting from the actors were making me wanting to do a face palm every time they spoke. I, for some reason, did not notice this in the other movies this prominent, but there is some sucky acting in this movie. It's mostly from the Cullen family, but the Volteri and the vampires that had all came to Forks were way more interesting, and the acting was terrific. I kind of wanted to jump for joy when they introduced Alistair.

The first part of the movie was... boring. It was a happy la di da moment, and you can feel all warm inside. That wasn't what I wanted per se, but I did read the books, and they did not make me feel warm and fluffy inside. The thing is, the whole movie in my opinion is only good until the last thirty minutes of the movie. Everything else is filled with pointless mommy daughter time, discovering things that don't make sense, and in the end they live happily ever after. I think you saw that coming, because that's what most people hate about Twilight. It's because it is a happily ever after story, not a tragic ending like true vampire films/stories.

If you didn't see the movie, you are going to be for one heck of a ride at the end. The ending blew my mind a bit. If you read the books then you'll get angry like I did. I won't say why, but if you want to talk about the movie with me feel free to email me at Clarareads@gmail.com . There we can talk spoilers!! :)

As a series, I will still love it, because it got me into reading. That sounds really weird to some people, but I was not the reading girl I was before Twilight, as I am now. As I have read Twilight some good years ago, I don't see the series as I did then. Back then, I was really naive, and childish, and just soaked up all of this. The series, made me like reading, so I see it as a fall back plan when every other book in the world fails me-which will never happen. It's that book that for you might be Harry Potter, it was there from the beginning, and you thank it for that.

To answer some of the questions you might have:
No, I don't like the fact that they sparkle in the sunlight.
I don't think vampires should sparkle in the sunlight, Who does?
Can someone just do something with the whole sparkle thing? It gets distracting, why can't there blood boil under the sun? UGH!!
I hate obsessing over celebrity love lives, so I don't.
I am on Team Edward, but if Jasper didn't have Alice, totally Team Jasper.
I don't believe that Bella Swan will be a good mother.
I do sometimes wish that the series continued, but it would be redundant at the end.
I do want to slap Bella in New Moon.
*spoilerish* Of course, I think that Jacob imprinted on Renessme is strange. *spoilerish*
I wish so much that they get better special effects, but the movies are over so...

I'd love to know what you think about the newest and last movie. Leave a comment below, or if you want a full blown fan girl fest. Email me at Clarareads@gmail.com or tweet me @Clarareads

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