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Review: The Forgotten by Claudia Carozza

Hazel's job at the Antioch didn't work out at all like she had planned. After a daring escape and one very risky delivery of the first baby born in years, she's still holding on to the hope of a better future. Out of the Antioch and on the run, who can Hazel turn to for help and can they really be trusted? In the second book of the Barronlands Trilogy, relationships are tested and even more secrets are revealed. Hazel tries to put the pieces together, hoping everything doesn't fall apart. Will she be able to hold it all together or will there be those who slip through the cracks?

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I read the first novel of this series a few months back, I can't even remember when now. Ahhh! Where has 2012 gone? Anyways, I started reading The Forgotten about a week or so ago, and because I was in a reading rut, I didn't finish it until recently. Though, the novel could be read in a matter of hours.

Claudia Carozza really peaked my interest a little more in the sequel, so that was a really good improvement. I was more excited for a lot of things to come in this novel, and surprises are everywhere. Since the last novel ended in a cliff hanger, I'd say that you'll have to read about twenty pages in, an then the cliff hanger continues. The middle was lagging for me, and that's when  I usually loose interest. I skimmed some parts, and things still made sense, so that wasn't something I appreciated I can do when reading a novel.

Hazel really stepped it up a notch in this novel. I think I like her a bit more than in the first novel, because she's becoming more of herself and a strong heroine. She changes quite drastically in the novel, and if you're ready for the character development, then you'll love The Forgotten.

There are some soap opera scenes during this novel, but don't worry, it gets better, and unlike soap operas the drama ends, in a way.

This is kind of a spoiler, so if you want to be absolutely spoiler free, then skip this paragraph. Like the first novel, there is a death. I won't say who, but it's someone that is quite present in most of the novel. The death for me felt strained, and just away to kill off a character, at first. Later reading,  I did noticed that the death was for something huge for Hazel. If you liked this character a lot-I didn't- then you'd be devastated at her fast leave in the novel.

Pigeons were a huge symbol in this novel, and because of that I look at pigeons in a different way then before. Unlike thinking about them as the pesky fat birds that wander the city, I think of them as quite courageous creatures. I know that pigeons have developed a friendly term with humans, so they don't find the need to fly away when someone comes in a foot radius of them. The small birds with blue bellies I see around my town, they are cowards, in their way. I guess we're all like that at the beginning. Finding food, and then flying away when danger approaches, but Pigeons are the opposite.

All in all, to wrap things up in a nice little package, The Forgotten won't be forgotten in my mind, and some serious character battles support the novel, and the novel goes to a more violent side. Near the end, it actually gets vulgar, and that was something I didn't expect one of the characters to say. I love the story, as its world fascinates me, so I'll give The Forgotten by Claudia Carozza a head nods, thumbs up. (4 out of 5)

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  1. Great review Clara! You really for some good points, even though I have never read this series before!

    -Grace :)