Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nanowrimo Update (#4)

Saturday: Had too much fun today, but got home and wrote!! Not very happy with what I wrote, but I did write more than the word count! Woohoo!!

Sunday: Wrote almost 1,000 after lunch, but stopped to blog. I also needed to clear my head  a bit, because my inner editor wanted to rip my own head off.

i wrote after dinner, a ton. I wrote +3,000 today. Omg, I still want to write, but I want to save it for tomorrow. So much I want to write, so much...

Monday: I think it's good to start writing from a sentence you didn't end from before. It gets you in the mood for writing, and you jump right in. I wrote quite a lot after dinner, and I feel very light and just whimsical at the moment. :D

Tuesday: I had a very long, but fun day today. Terribly tired for all i have, and nearly fell asleep doing homework. Though, I wrote, and I wrote more than 2,000 words. Wohoo! ;) I feel proud of myself...

Wednesday: I burst a blood vessel in my left hand's thumb. I am so happy that the blood did not go under my nail, because that would be truly unbearable and I'd probably be unable to type the space button with that hand. I'm am hoping to write a lot over the Thanksgiving period.

Started writing later than I should have, and did not get enough words written. I did write more than 1,000 words, so I'm proud of that. :)

Thursday: It was really tough to start writing today because I was stuffed with turkey and was beyond tired. I wrote 1,000 words anyways in the afternoon. Then I got a surge of inspiration and adrenaline that I wrote one of the best things I've written all month. Combined that, I wrote 3,000 words. I am now 7,000 words away from the 50k.

Friday: Wrote an amazing scene which I am so excited to edit, but  I can't. I have 5,000 words to go and the next time I will update you I will have won.

Nothing really to say, but if you are doing nanowrimo go hug that 50k because you are so close, and you better not give up. Also, if you have not done nanowrimo, please consider it next year, or during the nanowrimo camps over the summer. I swear, it will be amazing in the end. :D

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