Thursday, October 25, 2012


I've been in a reading rut like I told you so much recently, so I've been writing more. I'm not writing fanfiction, if that's what you're thinking. Trust me, I'd tell you first if I was, but this post is about my experience, if you can say that, with fanfiction, and my thoughts on it.

I'm quite a free-spirited person, and I have access to the internet, so I've read things. I've read a lot of fanfiction in my life time. The reason I got into reading really, was reading Twilight at first, and you can hate me on that, but I won't hate you if you are a Harry Potter fan. That's a whole different conversation. So, like I said, I didn't read much, until Twilight got into my eye sight. That's when I got into my fangirl mode, and started obsessing over Twilight. When I was in that geeking out mode, I started reading fanfiction. I think that's the start of when I'd read at night, a lot. I still have to read at night, something, because of those months. I'm not a insomniac or something, but that's what comforts me at night, when I'm trying to sleep. So, of course, I'm for fanfiction. I live off of it sometimes. There's so many fanfiction stories-Twilight, and others- that I adore, and I think should be published.

I know there's another side of fanfiction that some people only see. It's the side that thinks that stories that end should end, and not have these added drama, or plot lines. I can see their side of the argument, but for me I do that so often in my head, that if I see it written down it's a treat. It's kind of like, a friendship that started from something I and someone else like, and then our minds and thoughts, have brought us to a rough idea of what we think should or should've happen. Now, that there are so many series in the young adult genre, it's normal in my opinion to write down our thoughts and what we want to happen.

There are also some people that say that if these writers are good enough to write a wonderful story, why not write their own characters and setting. I think that some people like to write what they know, and what they know best happen to be their favorite books/characters. I find nothing wrong in that. Also I see it as a challenge, because when you write a character more than once for me anyways, I wish I can change how this person will react or think. Another thing is that many fanfiction have turned into published works, and many authors get their word out there through fanfiction, more than anything else.

I know that I told you about my obsession with Twilight in earlier years, and you might think towards the recently popular adult novels, that were inspired by the series, and were fanfiction. I myself, don't read those novels/fanfiction, and I don't intend to. It's just something I personally don't like, and wouldn't like to read. So that's my thoughts on that.

My views on writing is quite free, as long as you're not doing anything illegal, I see no wrong in that. Well, also if you don't personally antagonize someone in your writing, but I think that goes without saying. I hope I didn't step on anyone's feet, and please comment below on your thoughts on fanfiction. Please keep everything PG like I know you will. *looks at you like I know what you're thinking*

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  1. I loved this whole post!!! I love fanfictions. I started reading them in high school, when I didn't have money for books and when I was so sad that my stories ended.Fan Fictions gave me a way to keep them alive forever.
    Great post :D