Monday, October 29, 2012

If I Didn't Have A Book Blog.

BullyingSince, Hurricane Sandy is coming up the eastern sea board and I am on that side of the country (no I won't tell you where I live, stalkers) I've been trying to come up with ideas of what I can do, without the internet. Most of the things I do everyday revolves around the internet. I watch my "television" on there, but I actually just watch youtubers. I read news articles, instead of watching the news. I do research on the internet, instead of going to the library. I'm a book blogger and that got me thinking, that if I didn't start this, what would I be doing?

Well the obvious answer would be I'll still be in school. I'd still have friends, and still have the internet. Though if I didn't have this blog, I wouldn't be as happy as I am most of the time. I wouldn't get random wonderful comments from strangers that make my day, and wouldn't know some amazing people, I'd never would have otherwise. I don't like to jinx things, but I've never got a "bad" comment before, or a "mean" comment. I'm so lucky, and fortunate that I'm not cyberbullied, but I know there are many people out there that have a face on the internet, and are constantly criticized. I know that if I keep continuing this, and it gets bigger, then I'd get those "mean" comments. It's just a fact that not everyone will like you in life. I've learned to except that.

I'm most likely going to go into a lecture now... When you come across someone online, there will be people you won't like and disagree with. I've found some of those people, and right when I know that I won't like them, I move away. I look away. I unfollow them, unsubscribe, exit out, anything that will remove me from someone I dislike. That being said, you can't do that in real life, most of the time. So, be grateful that the internet allows you to do that. If you haven't removed yourself from that situation(or maybe more than on situation), you should immediately.

I think that I'm fairly informed in bullying and cyberbullying. I've seen many things online that are as rude, as stealing your best friend's cat, and leaving it out in the middle of the highway. I, myself, have been bullied for a brief amount of time, and it was nothing serious, but bullying hurts.  My feelings are here for you to read, and I'm vulnerable, so all I ask is that if you dislike me or don't agree with what I say, practice the act of removing yourself from the possibility of you bullying someone.

I never mean to lecture anyone when I write these, but sometimes I have to say these things because they mean so much to me, and I want to share them with y'all. If you didn't know, I love you guys with all of the support you give, and opportunities. It's an ego booster, hahaha. No, but really, I am more confident in myself and not wanting to hide things that I love because of this blog. Thank you for that. If I didn't have a book blog I'll be more susceptible to self-harm, and so much more that I see friends of mine go through, that don't have an outlet like this. Thanks again, and I hope this wasn't cheesy. 

Love and Hugs

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  1. That was a very cool post. :) And, I know what you mean about being happy. Having my blog makes me feel like I'm achieving something.