Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Over editing?

I've been writing a lot lately. Not on the blog as you've noticed, but personally, and I have edited a lot. I want to say too much, but I know that everyone is going to say that you can never edit too much. You can always find a way to improve your work.For me, when I edit something  a lot, it gets boring and I hate rereading something sooooo many times. It makes me go kind of insane. That's probably why they say you should always look at things with new eyes, everyone in a while.

I can't remember a time that that worked. After a while of editing, I get numb with all those corrections and my mind is saying,"Too much. Too much.... need.... coffee...... or a book..... please?" Does that happen to you?

Since I am doing Nanowrimo this year, I hope that will make me look at writing and editing differently, because I will not be editing while writing nanowrimo. I write quite slow, and that will never work if I did edit like I would. That hopefully, will give me a new way of writing something without getting bored about it.

If you're doing nanowrimo this year, please tweet me @Clarareads, it would dearly help me if I have some encouragement, and of course I will reciprocate.

P.S. I'm not editing this post, so excuse my grammar. 

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