Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Thing About Series.

So, here’s the thing about series. I, personally, start out reading series whether I want to or not. It’s really rare, lately, to find a single book. I can count on one hand how many books that I've read this year, that doesn't have a sequel, or counterpart. It’s quite obsessive to me how authors want to write so much of the same characters. I could never right a nine book series about the same people, and setting. It’s just too much of the same thing for me to write about, and sometimes it’s too much for me to read.

Series can be difficult. Recently I've read a lot of debut author’s first novel in a trilogy, or series. I know that I’ll have to wait a year, or maybe two to read the second novel. That’s quite difficult, and I've learned to not think about books, so I don’t get disappointed when I do read the sequel. That, there, is what scares me. I want to read a novel, and have it in my thoughts, and what I think about when I go to bed, but when I know there’s going to be a sequel to a novel, my mind shuts that off so I wait. I think that I’m the only one that does that, but please tell me if you do too.

The plus side of series, is that you don’t have to be introduced to a completely different cast of characters, and their setting. It’s like a family reunion, you see them every year, and have an adventure. Then sometimes, I think that authors write novels just to keep a committed fan base to only read their series. I can understand that some stories need that extra four novels, but then there are series that are just published to be franchised. Can someone explain to me why publishers would do that when they know readers are pick, especially in the young adult community. I know I’m generalizing, and you may be not one of those picky readers, but most people I know are.

I just want to get this golden age of paranormal romance series out of the way soon. That sounds really arrogant, but I can’t stand anymore of those books. It’s great once in a while, but when the only young adult novels that are being published are those, it’s down right awful. Again, I have to say that this is all my opinion and you can respond or not, but please be nice to one another.

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