Wednesday, October 17, 2012


My epiphanies come quite often, since I am still a tiny person, who barely lived. Any who, I discovered today that everyone has their own complex history, future, and the ever drowning now. I knew this already of course, but somehow it struck me today while I was reading Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. That novel in itself is quite a downer, but I love it nonetheless. It's probably because many things came together for me today. I won't share them, because they're private, but it's a pretty exciting thing that I'm proud of.

Having finally come to terms that everyone has a situation, or many situations at the same time, I feel very vulnerable to their acts and what they say to me. The way people are, is that we are selfish creatures. You can hate me on that, but that's what I believe, and I won't try to contradict that by saying something philosophical. So, I guess today was my day to step back and see everyone differently, and in their own light, no matter how bright or faint it is.

Sometimes, your own situation can take your mind and soul, and you forget that the person sitting next to you is going through the exact same thing, worse, or easier to handle. Now, I'm not saying my issues are world changing when I defeat them, but they feel like that. No matter the difficulty or  how easy it can be.

I find that I go off topic on these type of posts, it's okay if you aren't reading this, but thanks if you still are. You can vent to me whenever you want, btw. My email is, that email goes for both professionally and personally. Also you can ask me anything you want anonymously on formspring. That's all for me today, but please don't bottle things up. 

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