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Review: Cursed by Bethany Myers (BR Myers)

Cursed (Watty Award 2012 Best Short Story Entry)

Murderous witches. Cannibalistic dwarfs. Bloodthirsty dragons. Sixteen year old, skullery maid, Tess will battle anything to rescue her true love.

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Over this month, one of my favorite bloggers/twitterer, Bethany Myers wrote a short story on Wattpad, and I was like okay lets see what this girl got?. I don't think I can recommend Cursed enough, because the story made me extremely giddy and I think all of you would love a quick, easy, EXTRAORDINARY read.

Bethany has an easy flow to her writing, and in my opinion she can make any scene feel magical. Now, because Cursed is a fantasy, feudalism, and fairy tale kind of story I think that's important that she can make the reader be in the setting, with interesting, timeless dialogue, and not have the need to think too much.(if that made sense, then you're awesome) Another thing I really loved about her writing was that she made a huge plot in seven chapters, with about two pages each chapter. You can do the math, seventeen pages, to have a beginning, middle, and happy ending is quite a task. Lastly, there was tons of joy going on to have so many loose ends, and scenes that I didn't think have such a huge role, piece back together.

Tess was a very distinct character because she is the princess charming, going on this journey to save her prince from a dragon, so that was a very fresh idea that I adored. Her courage, and wit never ceased to make my eyes go wide. Along side her a crow named, Sebastian, whom I loved from the beginning is the perfect character whom you know, but has this mysterious side that you can't wait to find out the secret. (Also I always think Sebastian is a butler's name, and who wouldn't want a butler named Sebastian?)

The dragon riddles were one of my favorite parts of the short story. I don't read a lot of fantasy novels, so I don't know the basic, always there plot points in fantasy, but the dragon in Cursed reminded me of the one in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I think it's because I've had this weird idea of all dragons are like the Dragon Tales show, since it's really the only way I was introduced to dragons. So now that I'm introduced to these dragons that trick you and play riddles with your life, they all are the same to moi. Anyways, I'm a horrible riddle solver, so whatever riddle it is, I'm like, "Oh my GOSH!!! I could never have thought of that!" *slaps cheek with wide eyes* So if you're like me, be prepared to have your mind blown, because I know you're going to read Cursed. Right? Right.

If you didn't notice, this review wasn't the best I could have written, because I find it hard to write about something or someone that I kind of know. It's strange, because I do this all the time, but when I know the author will read this, it's like I want to hide under a rock. Btw this review, didn't have any criticism in it because I couldn't find anything that I could/would critic. This review probably made Cursed sound like a perfect story, but you be the judge of that. If I met you at the library at this moment, then I'd give a head nods, thumbs up, and smiling like there's no tomorrow. (5 out of 5)

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