Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Don't Quote Me (#13)

Creepy how Don't Quote Me is on number 13 on Halloween. (that was not planned) I think I'm going to add my comments to each quote like I used to, again. 

It's scary, but so true.

I've met a fool recently, and I don't he's ever heard silence until now.

I can't exactly follow this, even though I want to. My interests are just too broad, and change hourly.

In the end, I'll read my story, and I want to be proud of it.


  1. I love the quotes you post. I just--ahh--it's just nice to read.

    Oh! BTW! Last minute of deciding but I realize I'll be pretty free in November so I'm doing Nanowrimo. :)

    1. Yes!! So glad you're doing nanowrimo :) and thank you always for liking the quotes, I put a lot of effort in eliminating the cheesy ones or ones that don't deserve to be shared.

      Love and Hugs