Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Favorites

Favorite Book

My favorite book this month has to be Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. I had a tough time getting into reading with school, but somehow I finished Wintergirls, and love it. 

Favorite Album

Of course, I am a Taylor Swift fan and her new album came out this month, Red. My favorite song as of now has to be Starlight

Favorite Author

I found out that I'm a true Laurie Halse Anderson fan this month. I've read Speak, The Catalyst, and this month Wintergirls. I'm just blown away at her writing.

Favorite Book Cover

The second novel from Keira Cass' cover is just amazing. The Selection cover was beautiful too, but this really caught my eye one day. 

Favorite Blogger

This month's favorite Blogger, or Blogger Spotlight is Grace Ma aka The Humble Watermelon. Grace is a Canadian blogger, and one of my all time favorites. Her review are very detailed and love her all around.

Favorite BookTuber

Liddy aka theebookmonster is my favorite booktuber this month, because she's all around wonderful, and her videos make me laugh. She doesn't upload constantly, but her videos are well put together, and her reviews are too. 

1 comment:

  1. Aw, thank you so much for choosing me as your favorite blogger this month, Clara! It's really an honor :)

    Wintergirls looks like such a great book, and a while back my bookstore had it on sale for only 5 dollars! Sadly, I didn't think much of it then, so I didn't purchase it. But I'll definitely be looking for it at the library!

    -Grace :)