Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Extent of My Procrastination

I procrastinate, more than I should, but I still do. I think I've mastered away of Procrastinating while having everyone else believe that everything is under control, and nothing is "wrong".

I didn't really post much last week, more because it was my first week back to school, and also because I haven't had a school and blogging schedule routine like I did at the end of the last school year. If you want to know my routine then well here it is. I write a list of posts I'm going to write from Monday to Friday, sometimes I post an In My Mailbox on Sunday. Usually I don't have many ideas for when I haven't read a book in a while, That takes up to four days, believe it or not, to just think up of ideas to write the next week. Then on the weekends sometime unknown I'll sit down like I'm doing now and write for about three hours. I'll read other people's blogs, get distracted and watch book tubers, or blank out and start daydreaming.

Now I love blogging, and especially book blogging because there are so many nice people out here in this community I'm very glad I've never gotten a rude or mean comment before, but I know it will come someday. I know there aren't people that read my blog only, or have read all of my posts and that encourages me to make better ones so that you do.

I'm a writer, somewhat. I thought I was going to just be a reader after this summer of constantly wanting to read, and kind of dreaded writing at parts, but I
know I have to write to become better. I'm also very happy that writing is a huge part of my English curriculum this year. If you don't mind I'd like some people to read my stories I'll be writing this year and proof read them. I know that everyone on here will be honest and are encouraging folk who care for each other. So, if you'd like me too proof read your stories then feel free to email me at Clarareads@gmail.com or tweet me at @clarareads. I love to read pretty much all genres and situations. I hope that some of you will also help me out too.

Thanks, if you are still reading this and I hope you are reading a wonderful book, or writing the next NYBS. 

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