Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Favorites!

Favorite Book

You've probably gotten tired of me talking about this book so much, but it was the best book I read this month. The review can be found here.

Favorite Character

Casey from Casey Barnes Eponymous is my favorite character this month because her personality is magical, and hilarious. Even though her actions from time to time gets on my nerves, I think she's a wonderful character to read from her point of view.

Favorite Author

Sorry for making this month's favorites so CBE oriented, but I truly believe that this is an amazing book, and E.A Rigg is on my to be watched list in her future novels. I'm going to link here blog here. I am very excited for her a series she's working on to come out. 

Favorite Song/Album

I've been playing this album nonstop and it's the  album that I'd dance to all day if I could. The Wombats are a British band, and their lyrics and catchy tunes making me all fluffy inside. 

If you want to check out their album for free click here

My favorite song is Walking Disasters, btw. :D

Favorite Quote

This quote has been in the back of my mind all month and I smile every time I think of it, because it is true. So do smile. :)

Favorite Post From Another Blogger

Go read the post first. Go ahead I'll wait...

Okay, so there's a reason why I put my rating at the end of my reviews. I want you to read my review, and my rating system is based off of how I'd tell a friend about the book. So since you're reading this you are a friend, and how I'd tell a friend about the book is in my review. Then at the end is how I'd express myself. Whether it's a thumbs up and head nods, or smiling like it's no tomorrow, that's how I truly show my recommendations to friends.

Favorite Blogger of the Month

Delaney had her thirteenth birthday this month, and I think she deserves to be Blogger of the Month because she always involved in the book blogging community, and her posts make me smile. Thanks Delaney for everything!! :)

Delaney is known as The Random Ranter.

Favorite Booktuber of the Month

Renee from Nehomas2 has been the best booktuber out there in my opinion at uploading videos constantly. Also I love the fact that since she's in Australia I get to watch her videos in the morning and they wake me up when I'm a tired bear dreading school.

Favorite Book Cover

It was released this month that The Name of the Star paperback cover looks like so, and I have an itch to buy the paperback version, when I already have the hardcover. *sigh* 

Anyways love the mysterious, and haunting people walking. I kind of hope that the second book cover looks something similar to this, but also distraught that it won't match the first novel first edition copy. :( 

What are your thoughts about this cover, and any new novel covers you are obsessing over? Let me know in the comments below. :D

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  1. Dwaaa!!! >/////< *blush moment* Your absolutely welcome! >/////< I especially like that quote! It will be my new motto! XD