Friday, September 28, 2012

Favorite Book Tubers

Like the title says:

btw these are my thoughts on my favorite booktubers. There are many more and the things I say are my opinion, no hate.

Maxiemagyx-I've been watching Kaisa for about a year now, and every time she uploads a new video I freak out because they are so sporadic. I love her personality and her editing makes me laugh. I 100000% yes, would recommend her to someone new to the booktube community.

Nehomas2- Renee is the first Australian booktuber I've found and I personally love her rants. They make me want to be best friends with her. She doesn't do that many book reviews, but that doesn't matter to me. Renee also uploads really frequently, and I usually see from two to four new videos of her's up in the morning because of the time differences from the US.

Theebookmonster- Liddy is the youngest book tuber I've ever watched and I love her reviews, some of which made me really big fans of authors. Most of the videos of her's is when she is in Portugal and I was totally geeking out by that fact alone. Anyways she has that video quality of Maxiemagyx and the humorous ways of my closest friends.

Kayleyreads- Kayley also has very good quality videos, but I love her personality and the fact that she travels everywhere. Currently she's in England and her videos come not as often as I'd like.

BookswithCourt- Courtney is like a big sister for me. Her reviews are nicely paced and can be followed easily. Her book hauls are my favorites, and her videos come not often as I'd like either.

Please leave a comment below if you've watched some of these book tubers, or are now loving them like I am. Also any booktubers that you love please share below. :D

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  1. Ahh yay! Renee is so awesome! I really love how she uploads a lot! >.< And Kaisa! I've been looking through her videos and finally I got a gmail account I finally got to subscribe to her! I really love Priscilla @ thereadables. She got me into the book tubing community. :)