Thursday, September 20, 2012

Giveaway to come!!!

Hi, guys. I've been blogging for almost a year coming up this holiday season, and I wanted to give back. I'm not sure of what things to giveaway, but they are book/writing related. I'll have another post with all the specific info, but for now all I'm saying is that the giveaway is international. You can live anywhere, as long as the US Postal service can get to you.

What I'm thinking about is one book, a journal, and a gift card. That is one prize out of the three of them. All three of them will have one book, a journal, and a gift card, to be clear.

The giveaway will end sometime in December, and you may enter by commenting below. I will allow people to pre-enter on this post here, but be aware that I have not chosen what to giveaway yet, and there might be somethings you won't like.


All I ask is for you to comment below on the book you want, or is on your wish list. I won't be giving out ebook copies, because that is too difficult. If you do that one thing, then technically you're helping yourself, because more than likely I will be putting that in the giveaway.

Please spread the word around about this giveaway!! I will be posting the official Giveaway post in October. 


  1. I think it's a neat idea, for the book choice, to put 'One book of your choice from the book depository'with whatever price limit you want and then you can ship to people for free. Also for the gift card idea I suggest you do it for Barnes and Noble or Amazon, a lot of readers purchase books from those stores. I know my main site is Amazon but that's only because I have a kindle so. Great idea though! (:

  2. This is wonderful! The prizes sound neat and it's a giveaway, people! Who doesn't love giveaways! I probably want Want by Stephanie Lawton or something. (I'll decide once everything's official) I see a lot of people use a rafflecopter for giveaways and they're very easy to organize everything and for people to enter in votes, you should definitely see to that! But this is wonderful, anyways! :)