Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kamigami No Asobi Anime Review


This is a beginning of the curious school life with the gods and human-beings. One day, Yui is led to the world of gods to teach them about “humans”, but the school life is start with confusion. As Yui teaches about “humans” and “love” to the gods, they feel and develop a “love” or…?

This is a twelve episode long romance, shoujo, reverse harem anime with mythical gods. The story is a very interesting and unique one to bring Norse, Greek, Egyptian, and Japanese gods together and teach them a lesson-of course through the magic of friendship. The anime came out this year, and has recently finished. The anime is based off a game on the playstation portable that came out near the end of last year.

The studio that made the show is Brain's Base, who has also done Durarara!!,Brother's Conflict, and Amnesia, and My Little Monster. I tend to like their animes and I'm glad they're releasing more in the coming years. They've been around for more than a decade so they know the ropes, in my opinion. Their animes are usually really good or really eh though. :( They're still fun to watch just for the fun of it.

I would love to go through all of the characters with you, but that's a bit impossible to do as you will get bored, and if you're really interested in the anime you'll watch it, and it introduces them quite well in my opinion. The main character is a young girl Yui, who finds a sword that transports her into a floating island garden, which is actually a school Zeus has set up for her to teach all the gods how to be more human, or else something treacherous will happen. Zeus being the all mighty god, puts everyone in this position of going through human school and learning about each other to save the world. A bit over the top, but gods, so eh.
I would not say Yui is any amazing or cool character, but that she makes the best out of the situation and is sincere in helping out all of the gods, after her massive breakdown that she left Earth-as you do. She's an alright character with some personality and hobbies, but I still get the impression that she's a faceless shoujo girl sometimes.

I'd say the over arching moral of the story of this anime is friendship can do anything-like every other anime, honestly. It's your standard helping out a group of people that don't get a long, but this happens to be with gods that are super powerful, and you really see that nearing the end of the anime. I won't spoil anything, but it goes to almost a shounen anime in the last two episodes, which was a bit surprising, but I loved it nonetheless.

The anime had moments where I seriously thought I was watching only the cut scenes of a video game, but after finding out that the anime was based off of a video game it made more sense. It had some strange pauses and it wasn't your normal conversation, but much more foreshadowing into the characters next action as they do in video games. It bothered me a little, but it doesn't take away from the interesting story at hand.

My rating system goes out the window with this, because it's a particular type of anime that I would have to know the person to suggest it to or not. I would recommend this to someone who likes mythology, because I do believe it stays true to or tries to at least in this kind of format. Also someone who likes reverse harem, I think it's one of the better ones out of the handful of ones I've seen. As a result of that if you fit those criteria, I'd give it a head nods, thumbs up. (4 out of 5).

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