Friday, January 17, 2014

Volunteering at the Library

In my state, it's a law that we have to do a certain amount of volunteering hours before we graduate high school. So in my nerdy self, I volunteered at the library and shelved the books in the children's library. To be honest the job was quite easy, it was just that I was alone by myself and got a bit bored now and then, but then I would hear the cute sounds of children reading and sounding out words. It's lovely seeing how things started and where I am today, from that little kid at the table reading a picture book now. 

The idea of a library is quite cool, because if knowledge is power, the most powerful place is probably the internet, or the libraries. The internet, though with lots of things, the knowledge is fuzzy and has no real beginning to end with the lies and made up words people wrote ten years ago, and what they will write ten years from now. Truth is difficult to find on the internet. Though in a library, truth is found. Truth is nearly everywhere, you just have to look a little bit deeper, and a little bit out of your way. So I guess that's what you give up, for truth. 

Things I learned from working at the library: I should definitely volunteer or shadow someone in the work I want to do when I grow up, because as much as I liked the experience at the beginning, the newness wore off and left not much that kept me satisfied with volunteering there many hours every week for months. The same goes with college, and the classes I will be taking in the future. 

Other things: 
Always ask the librarian if you can't find a book on a shelf, but it's in the database, because it's probably in the back-shelves don't automatically expand when they buy new books

Your local library will most likely have old newspapers, magazines, and records that they may give you or sell inexpensively

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