Friday, July 11, 2014

How I Read Tag

1) How do I find out about new books?

Online, usually through tumblr or new books from authors I like.

2) How did you get into reading?
This is really embarrassing, but through Twilight. I still the like series just for the memories, but I do realize that it is not good, don't worry.

3) How has your taste in books changed?
I still read really romantic stuff, but I'm reading more manga recently.

4) How often do you buy books?
The last two books I bought were for studying Japanese and for my ap class 0_0, so not that often, especially now that I'm reading more manga, it's not easy to find mangas around.

5) How did you find book tubing?
By looking up book reviews, and hoping that there were some out there on youtube. I got sucked into the bookshelf tours, because my oh my are those heaven.

6) What do you do when you get to a ending you don’t like?
Move on with my life...if that doesn't work, usually start reading something else and only remember the book for the good parts that I like. SUPPRESSION

7) How often do you take a look at the ending of a book?
Never. I never look to the back of books for the ending, It's not something I like to do.

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