Monday, July 28, 2014

Manga Test: Hibi Chouchou

From Day of the River: Upon entering high school, the very quiet but extremely cute Suiren becomes the immediate center of attention among the boys…but one particular boy does not look her way.The story of a quiet girl and a quiet boy. A short, refreshing love story.
I would not say that this story is that much of a refreshing love story, but it is really cute and adorable to read. I read the first couple of chapters of this ongoing anime that started quite recently in 2012. My favorite part about this manga is how the two main characters are drawn. They have the cutest look and a bit different from your average shoujo manga.

The most pronounce thing about this anime is that there is very little conversation between the two love interests as you'd expect from the synopsis. I like the idea initially, but for me it seems like their relationship is taking quite long to develop and I hope that something will come along and push them together quicker. Otherwise it's like reading my own love life hahaha.

I've been having a bad habit of marathon reading a manga and then being disappointed that a new chapter or volume hasn't come out yet, so I think I will have to wait for this manga, because it is a very cute one that I have hope for and I don't want to feel the struggle of having to wait months and months to know what happens next. I'd rather read it all at once, appreciate it for a week, and then move on with my life. That's why I will be continuing this manga, but when it progresses more.

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