Monday, August 13, 2012

Thoughts on ereading, ebooks, and ereaders

Lately I've been seeing around youtube book vloggers and sometimes on bloggers talk about the new day and age of reading, ereaders. We all have KindleNook , iPad , and ect. many places. Or at least if you live in a large community or city. The lightweight device that can hold you entire library and more is a fairly new development and has gotten a humongous hate and love.

So I'm going to back track and tell you about the beginning of ereaders for me. This might take a while,and if you don't really care there are many book reviews of great novels on this blog, go check those out. Now, I was very skeptical like most book lovers about what eink and a kindle would be like for the future of books. I worried that in a decade or less that there will no longer be bookstores and libraries. I worry that there will be a time wear they relate books as a machine and not a paper story with a cover,  freshly printed smell, and smooth pages. That is still very worrying now, and I can totally see where you are coming from if you don't like ereaders.

Then there is the definition of what an ereader is. It turns out that an ereader is any electronic you can read on and is primarily used for, you guessed it read. Doesn't that mean that a computer is also an ereader, if you read mostly news and blogs on it? I think that counts, but we relate it to those on page machines with endless amounts of fake page turnings.

How did I get into ereading? Well I am a very fascinated person with technology. I live and breath it, and I love how much you can create with technology. It blows my mind when they come out with something new. I guess you can say like most teachers that brought me up that my genereation were the technology babies. We (us teenagers) have grown up with computers and the internet. The internet! Do you realize how recent that is? I'm one of those people that weren't even born yet when the internet came out so I have helped develop what you are reading now, indirectly.

It Makes Me Want to Read More:
As it says ereaders usually don't have a cover of a book in technicolor for your eyes to be attracted to. It made me read a lot more books than if I went into a bookstore and looked at every book and author, because I know I judge a book by it's cover. I know I shouldn't, but be honest to yourself if not anyone else and think about it. Would you buy a book with a solid color cover? I wouldn't, unless I knew what the book was before hand and that's what ereading has brought me. I don't see the cover immoderately. I see the summary and the synopsis first. Isn't that great?! No distractions, just get in to the book and done if you are interested by the synopsis.

The next thing I'm going to tell you might be a selling point, or a breaking point. I don't pay attention to the page count, so I'm not constantly looking at oh this is going to end soon, or dread how much is left. Now it is your choice if you care or look at the pages of or percentage. I honestly plan ahead of how the novel will go by the page numbers sometimes, when it comes to physical books. I never really liked that about books. I love surprises in my novels, and sometimes page numbers can spoil it. I can also see this as a breaking point because maybe you like the feel of how far you are in by the half way point of the book. Maybe you like the pages to set a time for you to finish a book. That's find by all means, and I can totally also argue that point, but for me that means very little.

What I do miss about having an ereader is not being able to turn pages, and add an actual bookmark. I was the kid that made pretty bookmarks and love how it makes your book different from someone else reading the same novel. I also have to mention the whole cover thing again. With a paperback book that are usually cheaper and lighter for you wallet you can terribly hate a novel's cover, but love the book, emotions it makes you feel, and the characters, while dreading every time you held the book in your hand and saw the cover. Ugh! I have some books that I just hate the cover and don't understand their selling point is. Anyways back on track, you don't have to deal with horrible covers in an ereader. Just sayin'.

If you are reading this than I am very grateful and surprised that you read all of my random rambling. And please tell me your thoughts on ereading. I still have more to say, so I might make another post on ereaders and ereading, but more well thought out than this? What do you think? Comments below and check out some exclusive ebooks reviews: Hotblood by Juliann Whicker, Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

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