Friday, August 3, 2012

Playlist: Hotblood by Juliann Whicker

I absolutely adore Hotblood by Juliann Whicker and I wanted to do a playlist, which I haven't done in forever. If you want to read my review here is the link. I have five songs here for you, each for the stars I gave for Hotblood. 

Here is the link to the playlist:

Dream by Cara Salimando
For dreams of Lewis

Guillotine by The Wombats
For the denials and suicidal
(the song gets better when you get to the chorus)

In The Blood by Better than Ezra
"How can you throw everything you live for?"

Grade 8 by Ed Sheeran
The sweetest and perfect song for Dari and Lewis

Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles (explicit)
For the fury

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