Monday, August 20, 2012


So this is a completely different thing then I'd post on this site, but let's be honest this blog isn't very straight forward books, or writing. It's pretty much the random cool things I find and some weekly stuff that I keep in it.

Recently, I've been tired of the same old television shows, and feels completely fake to me now. When ever I turn it on I know it's a fake reality, and that makes me sad because I used to love television because it was a bunch of different shows and movies that showcased different stories from make believed characters. In the past-in my opinion- it was more life like and you could relate to things. Now it makes me want to slap people. About the past half year I've moved away from all of that and really loved watching webshows/series and youtube shows and people. They area the funniest, incredibly awesome shows/people. And I think I want to share them with you, because I think it's nice to have different places to entertain yourself, and if you agree with my television fiasco, then let's be buddies and run around in circles. Okay? okay.

So this is a list of different youtubers that I think you should check out. Watch a video, watch several videos, don't watch them, whatever.

SacconeJolys - This webshow is the closest thing to reality there is. It's is an actual show about a couple that lives in Ireland and you get to see there day to day lives as they get puppies, get married, and are awaiting their newest member in the family nearing the end of this month,. They upload new episodes literary everyday at 6 GMT. The episodes are whatever they did the previous day.

Squaresville - This is an actual show that doesn't upload everyday, but they do post videos every few weeks as of my knowledge. The show is about these two best friends and their lives in "Squaresville" and it's very hilarious and quirky. The show is very nerdy and captures teenagers now in days, and I love their cast and writer.

CrashCourse - An educational channel about science and history. The history episodes are taught to you by the wonderful John Green, and the science episodes are from Hank Green. Personally though I like Scishow better, and it's still taught to you by Hank Green, so whateves. Both channels keeps me on my feet when school is out, and I'm nerdy so... you can never have a finite of things to learn.

LizzieBennet - A modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and are vlogs from Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bennet's pov. I've never had an interest in PaP, so this is the only way I know about the story, but from the episodes I love it. Lidya Bennet has to be my favorite character, but the show as a whole is amazing.

So this is it, and if I find anymore that I like I'll share it with you. Please go check them out because they are my favs. If you watch any of them already or any other webshows that I should be aware of please leave them in the comments below. And... I've got to watch the newest episode of LizzieBennet. <3 p="p">

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