Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

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I started reading Solid on August 5th and thought it was alright. The story intrigued me, but I didn't have many expectations for it or anything that I was hoping will have in it. Then I set it down for a week and just picked it up the past few days. I can't say that this review will be readable by the end because my thoughts are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Shelley Workinger's writing was refreshing when I really got into the novel. I love the quick step pace, and how she made the characters her's. I think that she nailed the dialogue perfectly. It had a bunch of pop culture references, and you kind of have to know your stuff to get the humor. The endless witty remarks and quips kept the characters alive in my opinion. I feel like how the problems and resolution played out what I thought it was. There wasn't much mystery, and it was very easy to spot the "bad guy" and the new person that comes to everyone's rescue. I didn't feel the anticipation that I hoped when I really got into the story. Though I love how everything was told and the history behind why Clio is where she is.

Clio, my favorite sarcastic character that I have extreme amount of respect for a character that's "not real" tells the story, or should I say her story. I hoped that the main protagonist won't be a Debby Downer or a mediocre gal because we all know that authors have a tendency to not know who there female protagonist is and makes them dully mediocre. Clio and her background made her different from the all ready "special" people around her. She didn't get on my nerves and ask the most obvious questions and I have to give props for that. My most favorite character other than Clio has to be Garrett with all of his brotherly aspects and the humor similar to Clio's. He's just an all around good guy that you'd want to have on your side.

Something that made me kind of mad and frustrated by was the fact that the main love interest Jack and Clio fell deeply in love all of a sudden after two actual conversations. It didn't seem real, but if there is some other explanation to this than I'd accept their loving ways. I just dislike when authors find that two people can fall in love so suddenly and so soon. Maybe it's because I've never truly fallen in love or believe in love at first sight, but I feel like their relationship was rushed and didn't have much substance. Sadly though, I still want them to be a couple.

I don't have anymore to say, except that the small excerpt of the second novel made me want to read more than anything else in the entire novel before. I still love the story and would recommend it to someone that I'd know loves this kind of conspiracy theory. Without much to say, but "yeah and go read it" I give Solid by Shelley Workinger a head nods, thumbs up. (4 out of 5) 

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