Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't Quote Me (#1)

I find it that since we live in such a place where media is constantly blaring itself at us, there are many misquotations. I personally love quotes and I love to share them to people, and pull out a super spiffy quote at just the right moment. (Which doesn't happen often, I'm working on it) So I have decided to make a meme for quotes. Every Wednesday from now on, hopefully. All you have to do is share a quote or many quotes you have thought of, read, or heard of in that nature.

Don't Quote Me isn't going to judge others if they miss quote, because honestly we - if you are a human -  are always making mistakes. So I find myself always saying," Don't quote me on that." If you'd like to join me please do. If you have any questions please email me at

So I decided to have some pinterest fun and all of the sayings/quotes I got are from pintereset. :) If you haven't yet checked it out, go do yourself a favor because it's amazing. But I do have to warn you that it can be very time consuming. Please leave a link to your Don't Quote Me and/or leave a comment!!:)

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