Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review: Survival by A.M. Hargrove


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As you may know from the list of book reviews I have done that I love young adult/paranormal romance novels. This is exactly what I thought I wanted to get myself into after I finished Nevermore by Kelly Creagh because I just love the genre. I didn't know though that I'd come out in a faze and wondering is this really the future of young adult novels. I'm ashamed to say that I could not finish this book because it was just too unreal to me. It was like watching ice melt, you knew exactly what was going to happen.

A.M. Hargrove, I loved the effort in creating the Vesturon aliens and the background knowledge of everything. I love how the author didn't really shy away from issues that are in their world true to ours in a way and how she took the novel step by step at a time. Most of the time I was confused by the pacing of the book and how things went. I love the first part of the book, Maddie's story. Then later the novel fell short on the big things that I wanted to happen or thought I wanted to. The author's writing was very strange to me. The dialogue felt very stiff, I didn't flow like a normal conversation and maybe it's just because aliens were speaking English and that was intentional? I don't know. I do love how she incorporated the slang and differences from the humans and the Vesturon. I was very interested in their species and felt like she could have added more, though I love all the tech stuff the author added.

Characters were fine. Eh... I can't say much except that Maddie at the beginning was the bravest soul I ever read. Her lost made me want to smack myself in the face for being so jaded of what I have and taking things for granted. My favorite character, although was the most gruesome of characters was Darryle Carter. I don't care what anyone else thinks about him, but yes I do agree that he's just terrible but I think he is one of the most interesting antagonists I have read. His back story was just mind blowing to me and I hate to love him, but I do in a strange way. (not because of his actions if it was that he's terrifying and horrific)

A quote that I found touching was," Remember, Rayn, life is and should be lived as a mystery, not something with all the answers you desire." I think this quote speaks volumes for it's self and I don't have much to add, but this really made me stop and think and I love that when authors can make you do that. Maybe this is an old saying, but I love it anyways.

Something that I caught me off guard was how religious this book was. I mean Rayn really packed it on there on how much he depended and is grateful for the Deity. It scared me honestly. Most young adult novels don't really touch on the subject about faith much and this really struck it hard. I'm not very religious and I don't have anything against any religion but this was a bit much for my taste. Maybe it is for you if you strongly believe in god, I think this will suite you.

I've notice as I was writing this review that I've said a lot of nice things about this novel, and have reconsidered it in away. Though I can only give it a head moves back and forth, thumb moving towards the middle or down. (3 out of 5)

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