Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review: Dragon Fire by Pedro L. Alvarez

I was very interested in a new world to explore the past week and I found this in an ARR program. Pedro L. Alvarez is a debut author that I think we should all keep an eye on. The story he lays out for the reader is amazingly detailed and well thought out. Dragon Fire is a mixture to me of a coming of age/romance/dystopian like world. 
If there is not enough reason that you should get a bow and arrow well here's another book. Lately that's been the trend I've found. For example, Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Jonhson, The Hunger Games Trilogy, and a few weeks ago I saw Brave form Pixar. Not that I don't have anything against bows and arrows but I wanted something different. Maybe something new and unheard of.

Pedro L. Alvarez has the most beautiful way of telling a story that amazed me while I was reading. Though his writing isn't filled with complications making me re-read constantly, it had an old timey feel. I felt very sucked into this world he created and the characters that joined in. I don't know how to say this because this is a very tricky review for me to write. I love his writing, but the story didn't make me want to read more. I really wanted to like this but I couldn't. It's not bad or anything, but I just could not go into another coming of age story. The genre is incredibly gigantic and I did not feel like anything was special.

Delcan. I don't know if I like him or not. I tried to get my head wrapped around him, but I couldn't. His character was not exciting enough for me. He didn't keep me interested and the whole scandal with his father and the King made me very tired like I've been here before. The princess reminded me so much about the protagonist in Brave. That was not appealing to me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love the author's writing style, but the story was bad news for me and the characters did not appeal to me. I only kept reading because I love his fluid writing. I'm not sure if what I just said was a compliment or an insult. Either way I really loved to love Dragon Fire, but my brain could not handle another coming of age story and that's why I am giving it a head shakes, thumbs down, shoulder shrug. (2 out of 5)

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