Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: The Descendant by Kelley Grealis

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The Descendant was not what I expected it to be, and I'm not sure how much I like it. There are many things that I love about the novel. For example, the whole back story of Cain and how everything started with Adam and Eve. Now, I'm not Catholic or religious at all, and I don't mind anyone's religion. So I felt that Kelley Grealis did a great job on that part because some authors can write too much religion for my taste because I don't believe in some of the things that I keep reading from a religious book, it can be hard to like the novel. Then there are somethings that I'm not sure if I like or dislike. For instance, the Drake family. The siblings are very fishy, except Marlo. I liked her from the beginning, but not all of them. I smell a traitor in the room. 

Kelley Grealis did an amazing job, to me, at pacing the story along. I never felt like there was a time that something was lacking. Of course, I didn't like having to know that Vincent took away Ali's memories from the car accident. It made me hate him for most of the book, and when Ali found out about it, I felt like it could have been a bigger ordeal, with higher stakes. I think Kelley Grealis wrote the story very well, mostly by describing the scenery and the vampiric elements.

Ali is a very likable character, in my opinion and her humor at times was great to break the ice. I loved how the main character, Ali, resisted and thought logically about the whole situation. I think having an older female protagonist helped with that. As for Caz I thought he was the more important antagonist. I liked Casper for how sneaky he is, and deceptive. I hope that in the future he plays a bigger role. Like I said in the beginning, the Drake family is still fishy to me. Vincent, as much pity I feel for him, I can't help but think that he did what he did for the better.

At the beginning of the story I felt like I knew everything. I'm not sure how much was supposed to be noticed to the reader, but a couple of chapters in it was like I new what everything was going to happen. Then again I didn't because of a whole back story which I was incredibly intrigued in.

During an action sequence, I wasn't on the edge of my seat. Nothing really made me worry about Ali. I feel like Kelley Grealis could have kick Ali in the gut, when she was already down, or even worse, because I wasn't empathetic to Ali as much as I wish.

In the end, the novel didn't leave me blown away or make me have a very strong emotion about anything, but the story itself intrigued me and the back story is what kept me reading and how Ali's symptoms were going to progress. I give Kelley Grealis' debut novel, a head nods, and thumbs up. (4 out of 5)

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