Monday, May 21, 2012

Study Tips!

These few months are the time where most of us, students are taking big exams or assessments and it could be very stressful. You may be like me, and don't like to study until the very last minute, cramming, and I have to agree with everyone else that is not how you study. I made up some tips and tricks that might help you:
If you learn best by hearing:
  • record yourself and play it back many times- be your own lecturer 
  • have a read-out-load session with friends- study with friends, but remember to stay on task
  • pay close attention during lectures- you might like lectures because you learn best by hearing
If you learn best by seeing:
  • look at the board or teacher more than your notes- don't hide behind your papers looking down all the time
  • make pictures or photos that remind you of the gist- flashcards with pictures or a powerpoint slideshow of pictures 
  • look up people by their images- when you research someone you don't know, don't just look up their birthplace and career choice look up their pictures throughout their life too

Knowing the best time that you are alert can be very useful and using your strengths. I am best at night an hour after dinner and I usually eat dinner around five thirty or six. So that would make it seven.

I am a big fan of making studying or reading fun. For me I make tea, but you can make coffee if you're not a fan of tea. Make sure that what ever beverage you make or buy it's decaffeinated. You shouldn't stay up all night studying. I also play soft music, whether it's new age piano or if it's my newest favorite album. Play something the interests you, but you can take your mind off of it to work.

Get all of your priorities out of the way. Plain and simple don't go start studying when you have to wash the dishes or you haven't done the laundry this whole week. This kind of leads to eating before you study, that way you won't be tempted to snack as much. As I said that I like to study at night because it's more quiet I eat dinner first. Then I study an hour or so later, so I won't feel as full. This also leads into studying when it's quiet. That might seem simple and a know it all thing to say, but some people study between watching tv or when you're neighborhood kids get home from school and their causing a ruckus. So, instead go to a library if you don't have a certain time that is quiet if not silent. When the library is closed have ear plugs in or in the case that you want to play music while studying, have music playing so you won't have to hear the screaming. Then again don't go studying at midnight and going to bed at four.

Some eating habits you should make are always have plenty of water when you study. It might make you go to the bathroom more often, but trust me it makes you more alert and there is an excuse to stop what you're doing. Eating healthy seems like an everyday thing you should do and you're right. You should eat healthy everyday, but when you are studying most people eat chocolate or munch on chips. As an alternative eat an apple or some type of fruit. This can make you feel ten times better and it gives you the sugars you need to keep on going through out your studying session. Also as an incentive you can me that one person in your class that looks radiating while everyone else has bags and pimples on their face.

During your studying take breaks in between. Set a certain amount of time that you are going to study that subject and then move on afterwards. Don't let your mind fester into something that you can't study for more than thirty minutes. Face it you're not going to put in anymore information into your brain. Another thing is to have a walk in between the breaks and not let your body stay still for too long. You should be studying at least three days earlier than the exam or assessment. I think of it as the first day you're just reviewing and then the second day you are actually getting all the information you need on the test into your mind. Then the third day is when you know everything and are just revising to implement the information into your brain.

Lastly, what I do when I'm waiting for something is to revise and quiz myself to motivate myself to do better. Especially right before the quiz is given out, just revise the things that you know the most. I sometimes make acronyms for events or words to help me remember the information.

Hopefully, this has helped you in some way or another and feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to add or do when you study.

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