Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How I Start to Write a Novel (A Writing to Wednesday)

I've been writing since I was in pre-school and I loved it. I love to learn new words. I'm not that big of a fan with grammar like most people. I have my share of trial and error with trying to start a long project of writing a novel. So I thought I'd like to share some tips and tricks that might help you.

I like to be motivated. The best way to be motivated for me is to set a schedule or deadline to write a chapter or up to a certain part in the novel I want to be. This way I don't lazy and forget about the idea or loose anything that I want to incorporate in the novel. Also this way I don't keep putting it off that I just don't write it.

Know your characters. This one is easy for anyone who starts out with characters and then builds the world around them. That's what I do. I like to have realistic characters that are partially based off of people I know. Some of my characters have multiple traits of many people I know and that makes someone new and also someone you know. This way you stay true to you're characters and don't make them decide to do things when you secretly know that that will never happen.

Write for your characters, not for you. This way you are writing to or for someone. You're not writing because you like to. You write because you have to release these people or characters and ideas you have to ink. My favorite author, Stephanie Meyer (yes Twilight) said once that she had to write Bella's story with Edward. She couldn't just leave these people alone. That might seem strange to an outsider, but if you write  long enough and avidly you know that you write because you think about them in your dreams and right before you fall asleep.

Don't force yourself. If you force yourself I find that all that work and time you spent writing nonsense just to fill in words and have a larger word count is going to be cut when you revise. Write until you can't, breathe until you don't, and rest until you wake. Take that into consideration when you write. Take a walk if you have writer's block, or take a break and have a night out in the town. The only way to write is to live first.

Meet people. Talk to people on the train. Don't go talk to anyone you see, but be friendly and say high or talk about the whether. If the other person want to continue the conversation and seem interested then they know. This way you get a broader sense of mundane or not so mundane people where you live. Don't go asking random people their life story.

Write what you know. I know you heard this many times, but seriously you need to write what you know, or what you will ultimately learn or find out to create this novel or book. Don't go writing about a town in Minnesota when you've never been there. Almost all the books I read the author of the book has lived or been there before and stayed for long periods of time. Again don't go writing about being on a cruise ship when you've never been.

Keep you're mind open. Don't let your mind close up and only limit yourself to read about a certain genre or subject to become an expert in the field. There are many things in the world that connect to other lines of communication and education. Also it's not fun to research about France, when you really want to read about the rainy days of Seattle.

Edit. Edit. Reread. Edit. Reread. Edit. Edit. Edit. I don't think there is much to explain, but being a writer is just that. You have to write and write until you have an idea of everything you want to put in. Then let your mind simmer in the fact that you made a very rough draft of something that could make millions. Next you have to edit like there's no tomorrow. I remember reading somewhere that the author's favorite part of their story is the worst part because it's making it for you not the characters. Rereading can eliminate any errors and second thoughts you might have on a scene or a whole chapter or character.

These are just some main points that I keep in mind when I'm writing. There are many more little tips and tricks and if you'd like I could make another one more detailed. If there is anything big that I didn't mention please comment below and I hope you are successful at writing.

Best of luck,

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