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Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare Review

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

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Its been a while since I read this book.(I read it in December and my memory is not the best it could), so I've decided to not have a summary on this review. You may go on goodreads or amazon, or any of the links above to understand the synopsis of the book. As most may know Clockwork Prince is the second installment of the Infernal Devices series.

First off, Cassandra Clare is better than ever and I think that she's gotten better if not stayed the perfectness she is. Her style of writing draws your attention in and I forget where I am at the moment for hours nonend and it's a magical feeling that great writers can only accomplish. Cassandra Clare is better known for her other series, the Mortal Instruments, which is the sequel to this series, but the Mortal Instruments came out first. Cassandra finds a way to weave in classic literature into her stories as accurately as possible and I adore her writing immensely. So may someone please applaud her? Thank you

Now on with the plot of the story. I am flustered a bit by the plot and quite amusingly after the comment I just made about the author, did not like it as much as the first novel. Not that I didn't enjoy it, but I felt like there was a sliver of grey hidden behind the story that I wasn't getting and the end was not very satisfying. Tessa who is one of my favorite paranormal characters in all the books that I've read has one of my favorite powers, which is to disguise herself as another person as long as she has a piece of that person. This was my truly favorite part of the first novel, and in this novel, though there were some scenes with her power. It was not enough to fuel my love of her power. Through the novel Tessa, Jim, and Will's relationships progress in a back and forth motion that goes back and forth like a metronome. I can't give too much away, but if you have read the novel, I personally don't like Tessa's choices in the love department. Maybe it's just me because there are many that really hated the guy that she didn't choose in the first novel and many love the guy that she picked. I felt like in this novel, we as readers saw another side of Will that was unprecedented. It was refreshing and quite scary at parts if I may say so myself. Though, I'm certainty not thrilled with the ending, Will is one of my favorite characters that I hope will have an equal enough part in the third and last installment because I don't know if you know, but many authors who write series tend to have a book carried on my a specific character and I felt like the first one was Tessa and this is now Will. So I'm inferring that the third novel will be more in depth on Jim. since he has got a spotlight, but it's not as bright to see from miles away.

In conclusion, I give Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare a nod of the head with a huge smile of appreciation. I'm def going to check out the last installment because I don't like ending a series on the note that this novel has. This novel has reminded me much about Insurgent(also the second installment of a dystopian series).

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