Monday, May 7, 2012

Insurgent by Veronica Roth Review

Tris and the gang head to Amity as expected from the end of the first novel, Divergent. There Amity decides that they don't want to be in the war, but will support both sides as a peace keeping area. With the ghost of her kills haunting her in broad daylight, Tris finds herself told time and time again that she should not get involved in anymore than she has for her mental stabability. When the Erudite charge into Amity headquarters all the Abnegation and Dautless can do is run. As a result they find themselves on a train to the factionless with weapons. Stories unravel and secrets are kept hidden from most and Veronica Roth tells a wonderfully twisted book. 

Amazing and unexpected are the two most powerful words that pop up into my mind when I think about Insurgent. Veronica Roth tells an amazing well told and terrifyingly haunting story that I hope I don't forget because her morals and intentions to bring back the series as a whole to be honestly here a very selfish, self-absorbing, and power craving species we are. Not that I'm say everyone is, but let's believe the facts and I'll admit I'm not the best person out there and neither are you, and neither is the person that we elect to be the King of Space in probably less than two decades. 

As I read this novel and was shocked plently of times that I felt exactly what I did for the first novel. I was shaking, bones rattling, and heart beating faster with each new mystery solved or broken into another mystery Near the end I didn't, though. Not that it wasn't as great as the beginning, but I think because I read the novel in a few days broken up by I think five nights my mind slips up on information that I should be remembering. So that was my fault for not reading it quickly in a day or two like I did with Divergent, the first installment of the series. 

In the second installment I was very back and forth with Four's actions and felt like I didn't know who he was anymore. It felt like throughout the book he was controlled by Jeanine and Four was just a simulation for Tris. To an xtent I felt like there should have been more interaction with Tris' and Four's love life. As it was one of the main reasons that I kept reading the novels.

I don't like to give too much away because some of you probably have not read the book yet, so lets put it at this. I really enjoyed the novel, mostly because I wanted to know what happened after Divergent, but it didn't meet my expectations. As a result Insurgent is given a thumbs up with an unsure smile and a slight shake of the head. 

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  1. I am still in the process of reading Insurgent (about half way through) and I must admit that I agree with you about Four. It's like Tris doesn't even know him anymore *sigh*. Anyways, I am really into the book because so much is going on. Great review.

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