Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor Review

Laini Taylor has to be one of my favorite fantasy authors because she is just amazing like that. Her style of writing is nothing I found queer, but the way she set ups her world is magnificent. I love the way she describes the places where the main character Karou goes and her world is just magical.

I especially loved Brimstone. Brimstone is Karou's "father" you can say and he's nothing what you would imagine going into this novel. He screams like something that would be in Lord of the Rings or Narnia. I found that Taylor writes a blend and equal amount of mundane and fantasy scene through the book. I much enjoyed both, and sometimes even the mundane seemed fantasy because all these experiences that Karou took were all around the world.

The tavelocity in this novel, made me really wonder who Laini Taylor really was. She's the most imaginative childlike in a good way author I have ever read and her story is again amazing. I felt very in touch with all the characters and there is a lot of mystery in this book for anyone that loves mystery.

Something that I found a bit annoying was the ending. I'm trying not to give much away, but when she does the flash backs from Karou's point of view it is something of a bittersweet moment. I love flash backs, but this one even though important I felt very tired and slow reading the plot. The plot moved very slow at the beginning of the end and I really just wanted to plow through that part the best I can.

As I mentioned a bit there are two point of views actually. One from Karou's and the other from her love interest and partner in crime Akiva. I love when authors write different point of views because it just give more insight. Both of them are very different "people" and it was fascinating how each of them viewed and took control of a situation. Also she did a great job at not completely repeating the same events that happened with Karou's point of view and just changed the facial expressions and who said who in Akiva's. I know there are some people that do that and it really frustrates me because there is no benefit if you can't hear the other's thoughts.

Karou's drawings really drew me in at the beginning. There was plenty of imagination already and the author really exploded it at bits a pieces through out the novel. Having said that I think the Karou is one of my favourite characters because she is so independent and sure of herself. She doesn't need Akiva to be a strong person, but seriously who doesn't love a little bit or romance. Her blue hair is something I wasn't expecting and it really played a twist on me.

I think the hype that this book got at the end of last year was well deserved because I give The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor a head nod, thumbs up, and smiling like theirs no tomorrow.

*There will be a playlist on this novel coming on Friday*

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