Friday, May 4, 2012

Divergent Playlist

Anyone that read my review of Divergent may tell that I'm obsessed and I am currently reading Insurgent. All I have to say about Insurgent is I have mixed feelings so far. So I wanted to put something up and maybe do this weekly as a playlist Friday kind of deal when I find songs that go with a book. Today I'm going to show you a playlist about Divergent. This may contain spoilers if you haven't read the novel. Leave a comment below or a suggestion that you think should be added to the list. P.S I did make this for a friend at first and just copy and pasted it on here, so sorry if the white background on the post throws you off. I made this completely by myself with the music I currently listen to.

Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood
Because Abnegation was Tris's Temporary Home 

Blue Lips by Regina Spektor 
2 reasons: "BLUE lips" for the Erudite and how the chorus says 
Blue lips, blue veins
Blue, the color of our planet
From far, far away
and for all that died in the book and the violence 

Out of our Minds by Katie Costello 
For all the sleepless nights in Dauntless (also it would be cute if they had this song in a montage of Four and Tris at night in the movie)

Graveyard by Lucy Schwartz 
Besides the fact that this song is AMAZING and the music video looks extremely cool, it's for Tris when she comes back to Abnegation(it seems like she's walking in a graveyard)

Incredible Love by Ingrid Michaelson 
For Four and Tris

Arrows by Cara Salimando 
For all those clues during initiation and secrecy with Four and Tris 

Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift
For all the times Tris looks back at Abnegation during initiation 

The World We Live In by The Killers
For the world that Tris lives in 

Uncharted by Sara Bareilles
The whole book is about Tris searching the uncharted (to her anyways)

Machine Gun by Sara Bareilles
I was going back and forth to putting this song on the playlist, but it's for misunderstanding and wondering about Four from Tris's point of view at the beginning. (Don't ask why there's some random lady from x-factor in the video)

Let's Kill Tonight by Panic! At the Disco 
For this song I think of the paint ball/capture the flag scene and also the whole battle at the end of the book. 

Playing God by Paramore
For the worst person there could be, Peter.

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